The State of Wrong

Personal Lessons from a class I took during Spring Quarter, NAS 212 Community Development for Sovereignty and Autonomy, at UC Davis.

Correction: There are many states. I have experienced them all. From a Type 1 error like not seeing that someone financially wealthy is poor in other ways, to the more problematic Type II error like thinking that poverty has a universal definition (1). There are ways to mitigate these errors but not eliminate them entirely. Let’s walk through some of these assumptions that I no longer have confidence in making the claim as entirely ‘right.’ In this week’s blog, I explore the phenomenon of being wrong, and share how it is a lesson I learn time after time.


Much Ado About Foam

Photo: Mujer vertiendo chocolate - Codex Tudela. (United States Domain Tag: )

“After straining, the cacao is lifted up high so it will pour in a good stream, and this is what raises the froth. And whoever makes it well, makes and sells the cacao such as only the lords drink: smooth, frothy, vermillion red, and pure, without much corn masa. Cacao that is no good has a lot of masa and a lot of water, and so it doesn’t make a good froth, only a bubbly scum.”[1]

Those were the words of Bernardino de Sahagún, a 16th century Spanish missionary who wrote about the Aztec culture during the contentious period of the conquest of Mexico. He documented daily rituals, spiritual practices, and culture of the indigenous people including their consumption and production of cacao. (more…)
Dirty Dirt Cups

Dirty Dirt Cups

“Cleaner" Dirt Cups

  • 6 ounces grass-fed Greek yogurt
  • 4 tbsp crushed natural chocolate cookies or graham crackers
  • 3 natural gummy worms
Mix yogurt and 3 tbsp crushed cookies; place inside a small jar or cup. Top with remaining crushed cookies and insert gummy worms.   And so goes the advertisement for “Cleaner" Dirt Cups. (more…)